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What are those ropes holding me tight and pounding in all fucking holes? What? Screwing tentacles? Lord, I bet I'll die now if one of them doesn't get inside my asshole. My lovely crawling whipping!
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That's a good pair of penises poking me all over the room but what? They are no dicks but heavy tentacle fuck cords wrapping about my sex-starving body. Beat black and blue, tentacles!
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Lord was merciful enough to send me four those strings to calm down my burning ace of spades. Long and thick enough to make me remember that monster bit of snug for good. Never-before-seen type of entertainment!

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Help! I'm sinking in the ocean of own love milk running down my legs under the stress of excitement and five powerful tentacles frigging for a good couple of hours already. Reliable way to bliss!
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None of my past sex partners has ever done it the way I was keen on and brought me into a state of razzle-dazzle I'd remember for years. It is only hentai tentacle rape I had yesterday that made feel a woman.
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Girls, I perfectly see lianas we are in now and understand that it will take us long to get out of! But I can't make up what these fat lines banging us harshly are! Savage porn tentacles? And sex is gonna be free?

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Have prayed to God all my life in order to come across an unstoppable fucker thar would make me forget what day and night is … But didn't expect I'd be balled so properly by the horde of those damned tentacles.
I'll never devote own flesh to anybody else or better say to other ropes than those depraved Japanese tentacles that burst upon the view and bonk till cum-out-of-ears condition. No mercy or sympathy!
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They are coming and coming, there are more and more of them while I'm already all wet and drowning in the ocean of own oil of giblets. That's not what I need but the seventh heaven they promised me.

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